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Experience the power of Bamboo Fusion – the ultimate online and in-room auction platform. Our revolutionary technology allows both online and in-room bidders to combine forces and bid on property auctions with ease.

Our new solution fuses the gap between online and in-room auctions, enabling bidders to participate from any location. Bamboo Fusion offers an innovative and efficient way for real estate companies to streamline their auction process. Our innovative solution allows bidders to participate in online, in-room and telephone auctions, allowing them to bid from anywhere. Get started with Bamboo Fusion today and revolutionise your real estate auction process!

A person using Bamboo Fusion, an online and in-room auction platform.

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With our platform, you can experience the best of both worlds – the convenience of online bidding and the in-room auction atmosphere. Join the revolution and experience the power of Bamboo Fusion today!

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Benefits of Bamboo Fusion

With our drag and drop features, you can easily create, set up and manage your catalogue, photos and lot orders.

With our seamless, self-serve Registration Zones, your bidders can register for your in-room auction without the need for paperwork and admin. Bidders can self-register in advance and can attend either online or in person, with a full notification system in place to let you know how many people will be online or in attendance.

Our "at a glance" bidding technology means that auctioneers can see when buyers are online, preparing to bid and placing bids, giving you more control and visibility over your auction.

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"Let me show you how we’re already helping agents across the UK manage and control their own online property auction service with an overall success rate of 75%."

Charley Stone

Customer Success Manager

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