What We Offer

We provide innovative solutions for your ballroom and digital services, enabling you to streamline your existing operations and maximise returns.

Buy and sell property online

Online Auctions

With your expertise and our technology, buyers and sellers can exchange online, immediately at the end of a specified time period.

Grow your business

Not only do we pass over instructions, but online auctions will also grow your buyer pool. Attract nationwide bidders and tap into new buyer demographics. Over 50% of our buyers are female.

Built in ID Checks

We carry out ID checks on all buyers automatically online - there is no paperwork for you to hold or manage.

Automated systems

We automatically generate a sale memorandum on every sale. We also set up and bear the cost of payment processing - we take holding deposit payments online and already have PCI compliance.

Document hosting

We provide free legal document hosting and tracking. In addition, all legal documents are already in place for the online auction to begin. 

Efficient Listing

No double entry of listing. We can work with any management software provider - including EIG's DMS system, Lapams, The Hub and others.

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Bamboo Certify

Revolutionise your ballroom auctions with AML compliant registration and innovative buyer and under-bidder analytics.

Comply with the latest AML regulations

Soon, every bidder in your ballroom will require Anti-Money Laundering verification before bidding. Our new registration process ensures your ballroom operations are HMRC compliant. 

Streamline your ballroom registration

You can now register every potential bidder, instantaneously prior to and at your auction. Our innovative tablet system is easily set up and makes buyer registration painless and efficient.

Monitor bidder and under-bidder activity 

Identify every potential bidder as soon as they step into your auction. Certify gives you the ability to instantly understand the demographic of your room and who is bidding on which lots.

Engage and target more buyers

Certify will allow you to collect more information on your buyers and under-bidders. Our technology future-proofs your ballroom, allowing you to better market relevant properties to your customers.

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  • Exceptionally professional and a very quick turn around for all involved...the purchaser seems over the moon with the outcome as well!
    — Clive Emson Auctioneers
  • Their system for on-line auctions is clear, well-presented and above all else, works! One very happy customer.
    — Phillip Arnold Auctions
  • Bamboo Auctions is the perfect platform to enhance our property auction business and generate an additional revenue stream. We're pleased to be working with supportive staff who believe in the future of this industry.
    — MS Auctions
  • At last, a young dynamic company that is genuinely interested in the client and wants to ensure that the client’s needs are met by spending time with them and working through solutions.
    — Phillip Arnold Auctions
  • We are in the middle of a technology revolution and pride ourselves of being at the forefront of introducing technology that we consider will benefit our customers. The Online Live auction set up appears to compliment what we do, offering our customers the flexibility of auction times and the buyers the flexibility of bidding from their location. Our first lot sold well and we trust this service will continue to prove popular.
    — Williams and Goodwin, The Property People