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We will refer you to some of our auction house partners for a free, 'no obligation' appraisal. This appraisal will outline a likely guide price.

The guide price will be priced lower than an estate agent's valuation and is further explained in the FAQs below.

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You choose your own auction duration and finishing date, giving you complete control over your sale. Your auctioneer and Bamboo Auctions will conduct joint marketing of your property, and list on the major portals.

All you have to do is sit back and watch the bids come in!

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Our traditional auctions operate with an immediate exchange. This means that when the auction timer reaches zero, and your reserve price is met, a legally binding exchange occurs, guaranteeing you a speedy, certain sale.

You then have 28 days to complete as usual, happy days!

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Frequently asked questions

Why do auctioneers price differently to estate agents?

Auctions require a lower starting price than private treaty sales. This is because the auctioneer is attempting attract more than one bidder, with the aim of multiple bids increasing the value of the property to a price above market value.

This means that you may receive a 'guide price' that is slightly lower than anticipated, but don't be alarmed, it is not necessarily indicative of the value of your property. 

What are the fees?

At Bamboo Auctions, we do not charge any fees to sellers. We will refer you to an auctioneer on a 'No Sale, No Fee' basis, waiving any entry fees. However, some auctioneers may charge commission at varying rates. We advise that you discuss this with the auction house.

How long does it take?

The auction process takes significantly less time than private treaty. The valuation and auction preparation period usually takes around 2-3 weeks. Then, the auction can run for any duration between 30 days and 15 minutes, with a 28 day completion period starting as soon as the timer hits zero (subject to your reserve price being met).

On average, from first contact to completion, the process usually lasts around 2 months.

Can I set a minimum price on my property?

Yes. Properties for sale by auction are allowed to have a reserve price, the minimum price that a property can sell for. If bids do not reach the value of your reserve price, your property will not be sold. The reserve price does not have to be made public by the auctioneer. However, the reserve price must be no more than 10% higher than the property's guide price (the price at which the property is marketed).

Is there an optimum duration for an online auction?

While there is no perfect formula for auction duration, our data has suggested that property auctions lasting between 14 and 21 days have enjoyed the most success on our platform.

Do I need to provide legal documents for my property?

Yes. The auction process requires sellers to provide a 'legal pack' prior to auction. This is to allow all buyers to inspect the same information before purchasing. It may be possible to get the cost of your legal pack reimbursed upon the sale of your property. We advise that you discuss this with your auctioneer.

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Who we work with

Here are some of our auction house partners, covering England and Wales.