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When Bamboo grows, employ more pandas

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

I’m Josh and I am the latest addition to the Bamboo Auctions team. I’ve joined as a Business Development Executive, aiming to maintain and enhance the growth Bamboo has seen since its launch.

My motivation for getting on board with Bamboo was simple. It’s a fantastic idea underpinned by a fantastic team of people. On top of this, the lure of working on projects that are revolutionising the online property industry, delving into untouched areas of housing law and the property market. By adding another aspect to the auction house, Bamboo’s technology is truly engineering the composition of online property auctions.

It might sound like a cliché, but I have found that the day to day variety within a start-up is brilliant; it is the exact environment I was hoping for when I applied for a position with Bamboo. Not only have I found the start-up culture engaging and diverse, but you get a greater sense of contribution to business. Even though you might be working in a similar role to Joe Bloggs at Corporation X, you get access to and have the ability shape the front line of the company. Because of this, during my relatively short time at Bamboo, I have already accomplished some big things.

The phrase ‘being thrown in at the deep end’ comes to mind. I have experienced face to face meetings with potential clients leading to successful new relationships, being involved in online presentations and demonstrations and celebrating massive milestones for the business (not to mention picking up the phone a lot), learning and developing the hard way. I’ve also been given some large responsibilities that I would not be close to acquiring if I was in a large firm; aiming to become Bamboo’s resident expert in a couple of areas. Compared to the monotony of working in a large operation, the culture and buzz within a start-up is something everybody should lend their hand to.

Where does Bamboo fit within the wider technology based start-up culture?

There is such an abundance of youthful companies exploring so many niches. The accessibility and development of technologies in the world has allowed entrepreneurs to rethink our economy as we know it. General, established concepts have been scrutinised and turned on their head by tech start-ups and enterprise, infiltrating and applying fresh models to outdated, yet accepted market platforms.

The internet of things is allowing this to happen; it has created an economy where the consumer is in full control because information and data is becoming increasingly accessible. With near-perfect information comes a freedom of choice, greater competition and fairer prices. It’s also brought a faced-paced consumerism with it. The need for simple, fast and accessible products has seen upheaval of numerous markets, underpinning most of the enterprise revolution we have seen over recent years.

Whilst prop-tech companies have advanced the consumer experience in recent years, the conventional methods of purchasing have largely remained untouched. Even though searching has been quickened, accessibility broadened and choice widened, prop-tech firms have not actually tackled the essence of purchasing. A slow, convoluted, legal minefield can make the purchase of your house unnecessarily difficult.

It was only a matter of time before this dated model was challenged by Bamboo.

The current situation of the UK property sector also lends to wider access and innovative thinking. We are benefiting from a swell of optimism that hasn’t been seen since before the financial crash. London and and its surrounding boroughs have been surfing this wave alone, but the rest of the UK is starting to follow suit. With Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Cambridge seeing excellent growth in services, population and, ultimately, confidence, it is a fantastic time to consider the UK’s wider property market as an investment solution.

With greater affordability and stronger investment availability inside and outside of the capital, buying at auction is a great way to climb the property ladder; as prices are negotiated up rather than down, the ability to achieve a beneficial price is increased. Because of this, it widens the scope for a greater percentage return on your property. An excellent way to manage returns on a property and a popular way of keeping the initial cost down is to buy an auction lot that is in need of some love.

With Bamboo riding the wave of tech infiltration and exploring an under-utilised niche, our technology is not only creating a more accessible and transparent UK auction market, but it is, most importantly, solving a market need and revolutionising the industry.

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