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Record breaking quarter for agents using Bamboo’s online auction platform

21 Oct 2020 By Bamboo Auctions

Estate agents and auctioneers who are using Bamboo Auctions technology to control and power their own online auction platforms have enjoyed historic and record breaking months.

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Webbers, Greenslade Taylor Hunt and Others Sign Online Auction Partnerships with Bamboo Auctions

3 Dec 2019 By Bamboo Auctions

Bamboo Auctions, an online property auction marketplace that provides white labelled online auction technology to agents and auctioneers, has signed exclusive partnerships with a number of estate agents.

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What makes it the modern method of auction?

16 Apr 2019 By WengYee Loke

If you are currently in the market for buying property, you may have come across the ‘Modern Method’ of auction. Or as we call it, a conditional auction. This method of sale is increasing in popularity and it wouldn’t surprise us if it catches up with the private treaty method.

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What happens when a property auction ends and the reserve is not met?

26 Mar 2019 By WengYee Loke

What happens when an auction lot is unsold? If the bids didn't quite make it to the reserve?

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3 questions to ask yourself if you want to self-build

26 Feb 2019 By WengYee Loke

Thinking of building your own home? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before walking down the self-build path.

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A second chance for this property auction lot

23 Nov 2018 By WengYee Loke

Everybody deserves a second chance right? Even properties!

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Buying probate property

15 Nov 2018 By WengYee Loke

There is an increasing amount of probate property being sold through online auction. But what does probate mean? What are some of the upsides to buying probate property?

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The five people you meet at property auctions

16 Oct 2018 By WengYee Loke

Property auctions attract all sorts. But there are some characters that you are bound to encounter if you attend enough auctions.

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Bamboo Auctions and Bradleys Estate Agents Sign Exclusive Online Auction Partnership

3 Oct 2018 By Bamboo Auctions

Bamboo Auctions, an online property auction marketplace that provides white labelled online auction technology to agents and auctioneers, has announced another exclusive partnership, this time with Bradleys Estate Agents.

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Property auction bidding strategies

14 Sep 2018 By WengYee Loke

As the saying goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’; it is beneficial to have a game plan before bidding on auction property. There is much more to bidding than having the deepest pockets.

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Bamboo Auctions Signs Exclusive Online Auction Partnerships with Hunters and Fisher German

13 Sep 2018 By Bamboo Auctions

Bamboo Auctions, an online property auction marketplace that provides white labelled online auction technology to agents and auctioneers, has announced it has signed exclusive partnerships with Hunters Estate Agents and Fisher German.

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Key online property auctions terms you should be familiar

4 Sep 2018 By Bamboo Auctions

If you are unfamiliar with the online property auction world, there could be a few phrases that you haven't heard of before. We've compiled here a short list of terms that will help you. Is there a term that you've encountered while buying/selling property at auction that isn't here? We'd be happy to explain it to you. Just let us know!

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Is retirement living the next focus of property development?

21 Aug 2018 By WengYee Loke

With an ever changing landscape, property development and investment must look for new opportunities. Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) was the last darling of property development, has the time come to focus on a new age group?

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Six things you must do when buying property at auction

7 Aug 2018 By WengYee Loke

Buying property at auction can be quite a process for those new to it. Here we have listed what are the six basic must-dos. They broadly cover what to do before, during and after the auction.

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What to look out for when viewing auction property

24 Jul 2018 By WengYee Loke

Are you looking for a fixer-upper? Here are some things to watch out for when viewing the actual property.

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How to finance auction property

10 Jul 2018 By WengYee Loke

Buying property at auction means that organisation is key. Finances need to be prepared before placing your bid in. But what are the options for financing an auction property?

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Selling property? What are the Capital Gains Tax(CGT) implications?

2 Jul 2018 By WengYee Loke

If you are planning to sell a property, are you aware of Capital Gains Tax(CGT)? Together with Rita4Rent who are property tax specialists, we explore two different scenarios of an individual selling off a property.

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How to buy at auction - a step-by-step guide

26 Jun 2018 By WengYee Loke

Buying property at auction isn't a skill they teach you at school. So we thought it would help you if we put together a step-by-step guide to buying property on our site.

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Guide Price vs. Reserve Price

12 Jun 2018 By WengYee Loke

What is the difference between a guide price and a reserve price? For those unfamiliar with auctions, the different terms used can be confusing. Is the guide price the price the property will sell for? What does the reserve price mean in that case?

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What is in a legal pack?

29 May 2018 By WengYee Loke

What goes into an auction legal pack?

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When a property is ‘unmortgageable’

15 May 2018 By WengYee Loke

Getting a mortgage for a property is no walk in the park. In fact, there are some properties that most lenders won't even consider.

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Properties suitable for auction

17 Apr 2018 By WengYee Loke

Auctions are a very effective method of sale. But other than distressed/foreclosed properties, did you know that auctions are good for other types of properties?

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Property owners: Things to watch in the new tax year

10 Apr 2018 By Robin Rathore

In the blink of an eye, a new tax year in here. How will new changes such as Section 24 and EPC ratings affect property owners?

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Traditional or Conditional? Two types of online property auctions

27 Mar 2018 By WengYee Loke

What does it mean if the auction is traditional or conditional? We’ll share with you the differences and similarities between the two.

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Another way of buying property

8 Mar 2018 By WengYee Loke

Time to think outside of the box when it comes to buying property! If you want a fast, certain and transparent way then online auctions is for you.

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Britain after Brexit? Safe as houses.

28 Jun 2016 By Robin Rathore

It is common for people look backwards in this market, but only confident, forward thinking will lead to increased sector growth. At Bamboo Auctions, we are striving to increase the reach of auctions over and beyond 2% of the market. Change brings opportunity and innovation is key to success.

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Looking forwards: Our economic analysis of the auction market.

15 Jun 2016 By Robin Rathore

Online auctions are a great way to cut your fixed costs. These savings can be directly passed on to attract vendors who would never previously have thought of selling by auction. In this way, our online auction technology truly compliments the live room auction.

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RICS Auctioneering Conference 2016: Building the auction industry

18 May 2016 By Robin Rathore

<p>We spoke on a panel at the recent RICS Auctioneering Conference to discuss the potential of technology and innovation to increase the market reach of auction houses. Time ran out before we could really get into the topic, but here’s what we wanted to say.</p>

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The world is changing: Some thoughts on the auction industry

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

Few people know that the mission statement for which Jerry Maguire was so famously fired, was actually based on a real document, written in 1991 by Jeffrey Katzenberg, called [“The world is changing: Some thoughts on our business”]( Whilst Katzenberg was writing directly about Disney, its position within Hollywood, and the way in which films ought to be made, many of the sentiments translate across industries, including the auction market.

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Auction houses: Innovation is the key to saving costs and increasing profitability.

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

Setting up a business is hard work, whatever the task. Until recently, it was also expensive work. The internet of things and its global accessibility, an entrepreneurial culture and modern investment techniques have made it easier to manage and reduce the associated overhead costs, whilst still executing your concept and branding.

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When Bamboo grows, employ more pandas

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

My motivation for getting on board with Bamboo was simple. It’s a fantastic idea underpinned by a fantastic team of people. On top of this, the lure of working on projects that are revolutionising the online property industry, delving into untouched areas of housing law and the property market. By adding another aspect to the auction house, Bamboo’s technology is truly engineering the composition of online property auctions.

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Auctions have so far been under utilised. Not anymore.

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

According to estimated statistics published by the Land Registry, approximately 1.2million residential properties were sold in the UK in 2015. Of these, around 21,000 residential properties were sold by live room auction. This means only 1.75% of residential properties sold in 2015 were sold by auction in the UK.

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Live Room and Online Auctions: A Complimentary Couple

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

As a provider of online auction technology, it might seem strange that we would seek to compliment live room auctions, rather than replace them. But that is just what we do.

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The Stamp Duty Land Tax rise is a penalty on aspiration (but at least it’s reducing the deficit).

12 Apr 2016 By Robin Rathore

The Government hopes that by making it harder for buyers to purchase a second home, it will free up valuable stock for first time buyers to get on the ladder. This is a weak approach to solving issues around home ownership and will not help first time buyers.

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