Sell properties online with your local auction house.

exchange occurs immediately at the end of a timed period, so you could earn your commission faster.


Why sell by auction?

  • Exchange occurs online, immediately at the end of a specified timed period.
  • Earn your commission faster. Your vendors could reach exchange in just 30 days.
  • A transparent alternative to sealed bids and tenders.
  • Attract motivated, cash buyers.
  • All buyers are anti-money laundering verified.
  • Avoid last minute price renegotiations or sales falling through.
  • Generate additional instructions from motivated vendors.



You gain instructions as normal and contact us to list your properties with your local auction house.

You and your local auction house (with our support) market the property to potential buyers.

Receive bids from buyers online. Exchange occurs online, immediately when the timer reaches zero.



To list a property or for more information contact us on 0330 088 9659 or email us at