About Bamboo Auctions


We believe property transactions should be fast, certain and transparent. This core belief drives everything we do and is why we established Bamboo Auctions.

Let’s face it. Buying and selling property is stressful. In a world where all other transactions are becoming more efficient and streamlined, the property transaction process is slow and inefficient.

Whether you are buying or selling, your time is valuable. We believe you should be able to buy and sell property on timescales that suit you - without holding you ransom to delay and uncertainty.

We are an online property auction marketplace that works with agents and auctioneers. Our technology is integrated into many leading agents and auctioneer websites, meaning that whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, you can access the auction method of sale, 247, 365 days a year.

With our technology, buyers and sellers can reserve or exchange on properties online, immediately at the end of a specified time period. No gazumping. No pulling out of the deal at the last minute. No drama.

There is a stigma that auctions are just for toxic or distressed properties. Not so with online auctions. More and more “normal” properties are being sold using this method. This is because of the flexibility that comes with the online auction, the ability for more buyers to access the marketplace and the more considered approach to bidding.

Our online auction give sellers more flexibility and control over when their property sells, and buyers more convenience, accessibility and transparency. In doing so, we are driving consumer awareness through technology and identifying new markets.

Just 2% of properties are sold by auction each year. By combining the trusted local expertise provided by reputable agents and auctioneers and technology and innovation brought by Bamboo, we are democratising auctions and make it far more accessible to all; increasing the market size as we go.

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